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Galaxy Falcon is here!

Galaxy Falcon Icon from Yooii StudiosGalaxy Falcon is already Yooii Studios’ most popular app by far! Our first game release is outselling all of Yooii Studios’ other apps in its first day after international release.

Galaxy Falcon is a throwback to the space shooter games of the 80’s and 90’s.┬áIt feels like the games of my childhood updated for the 21st Century. Simple, fun gameplay combined with stunning graphics and a fun storyline.

When you sign up for Galaxy Falcon and like us on Facebook, you’ll automatically receive 1,000 gold coins that can be used for in-game extras and upgrades.

Head on over to the Google Play store and download your FREE copy of Galaxy Falcon instantly. You can start competing with your friends in no time!


Galaxy Falcon screenshot from Yooii Studios

Galaxy Falcon screenshot 2 from Yooii Studios


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Morning Kit Is Going Big

It’s official – Morning Kit has gone international! Our most recent update, which I’ll address in the next post, makes Morning Kit available in several markets around the world. This is a great achievement for the rock star developers and designers at Yooii Studios. They’ve worked hard for many months to bring you the very best morning utility app on the market.

Yooii Studios, Morning Kit, Blank world map


We are still waiting for the Russian and US launches, but they will be happening soon. If you have any questions about availability (or anything else, for that matter), you can ask them by commenting on a blog post, posting to our Facebook page, or contacting us on the Yooii Studios website.

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Morning Kit – Water Lilly Theme

The rock star developers and graphic designers at Yooii Studios are always working hard to improve our apps. The next update for Morning Kit will include at least one new theme. We’re calling it: Water Lilly.

Yooii - Morning Kit - Wather Lilly Theme

The newest theme for Yooii Studio’s Morning Kit. Meet Water Lilly.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page, the Yooii website, or by commenting on this blog.

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Morning Kit – Best Features

Smart phone app, yooii studios

From time to time, I’ll do a short post about the best features of new apps from Yooii Studios. I’ll show you the unique and interesting features that make Yooii’s apps stand out from the crowd.

The consensus around our studio is that the most fun feature of Morning Kit is the variety of visual themes. With most apps, you’re stuck with one or two boring color schemes – but not with Morning Kit. You can make your Morning Kit truly unique. Check out these innovative and exciting themes:

Yooii Smart Phone app theme

Slate (Gray)

Yooii Smart Phone app theme

Modernity (Chic White)

Yooii Smart Phone app theme

Photo Theme

Also available are the Reflection and Tranquility themes. Reflection creates a fun and unique theme by turning your phone into a mirror. Tranquility does just the opposite, by displaying on your screen the live picture from your phone’s built-in camera.

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