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Mouse Kit – Our Second App is Live!

That’s right, Yooii Studios is proud to present Mouse Kit! This awesome utility app is great for anyone with a phone and computer (so….everyone). Of all the projects in the Yooii workshop, this is my favorite. I use it every day at home and at least once a week at work. Instead of reading a boring description, check out this promo video that will tell you all about it:

Mouse Kit turns your phone into a mobile mouse, keyboard, and remote control for presentations. It can work with any computer as long as the computer and phone share a WiFi network. Simply download the Mobile Buddy (here for Windows) (here for Mac). It’s that easy to get started!

Mouse Kit has been launched in Korea and will soon be available to the rest of the world. Keep checking in at the Yooii Studios Facebook Page, Blog, or website for more details.

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Press Release for Morning Kit

I’ve had some requests lately from reviewers for a press release. The blog seems like an excellent place for it, so here you go!

Morning Kit Press Release

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Exchange Rates Fixed

Good news! Morning Kit’s exchange rate panel is back in business (pun totally intended). We’ve updated the app in some other ways, too. Morning Kit is now available in Russian and a few minor bugs have been worked out.

As you know, if you have any problems with Yooii apps, please let us know. You can contact us here on the Yooii blog, the Yooii Studios Facebook page, or the contact page on our website.

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Morning Kit – Best Features

Smart phone app, yooii studios

From time to time, I’ll do a short post about the best features of new apps from Yooii Studios. I’ll show you the unique and interesting features that make Yooii’s apps stand out from the crowd.

The consensus around our studio is that the most fun feature of Morning Kit is the variety of visual themes. With most apps, you’re stuck with one or two boring color schemes – but not with Morning Kit. You can make your Morning Kit truly unique. Check out these innovative and exciting themes:

Yooii Smart Phone app theme

Slate (Gray)

Yooii Smart Phone app theme

Modernity (Chic White)

Yooii Smart Phone app theme

Photo Theme

Also available are the Reflection and Tranquility themes. Reflection creates a fun and unique theme by turning your phone into a mirror. Tranquility does just the opposite, by displaying on your screen the live picture from your phone’s built-in camera.

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Morning Kit – Korean Release

As the title implies, Morning Kit is being released to the Korean market as we speak. We’ll be making updates and changes in the coming months as we prepare for European and North American releases.

yooii smart phone app morning kit

As promised, I’ll continue to keep you all up to date as we move forward. If you have any questions about the Asian or western releases, feel free to post a comment to this blog entry, email us through the Yooii website, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for updates and new features for Morning Kit.

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Welcome to Yooii Studios!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by the Yooii Studios blog. This is where you can stay up to date on new titles, important updates, behind-the-scenes info, and lots of other interesting stuff we want to share with you. It’s also your portal to get involved and tell us what you really want.

My name is Taft, and I’ll be keeping you in the loop as we develop, release, and update lots of sweet new apps. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sharing lots of information about our ongoing projects. Feel free to leave questions, comments, or suggestions. We strive to remain responsive to our valued customers as we grow, so I promise to get back to you quickly.

Short and sweet is the order of the day here at the Yooii Studios blog, so stay tuned. Lots more to come!

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